Hydro Electric Systems

Westflight Ltd is a long established independent company with its origins in engineering and agriculture. Innovation, quality, environmental responsibility and putting the customer first have always been part of its ethos. Since the 1960’s when it first developed and manufactured micro wind powered off grid electrical systems for remote hill farms Westflight has maintained a strong interest in the development of renewable energy technologies.


Why Hydro

At Westflight Hydro we are passionate about the development of small scale hydro electric schemes providing low cost and "green” power to houses and farms.

In the first half of the twentieth century there were thousands of small hydro installations across Wales. When the National Grid came through almost all of these were abandoned in favour of low cost and convenient mains electricity. Now that both the cost and environmental impact of traditional energy production is clearly increasing many people are looking at their stream and wondering how to reduce costs and become more self sufficient in their energy use.

Westflight believe that the PowerSpout range of hydro electric turbines manufactured in New Zealand are some of the best in the World, and we are proud to be the PowerSpout distributor for Wales.

With outputs from 500W to 1,600W per turbine the PowerSpout range of Pelton, Turgo and Low Head turbines are suited to almost any location.

A single PowerSpout at a site good enough to generate 1kW can produce 8,000kWh per year which is enough electricity for a typical house.

Our Core Values

To understand and respect our customers needs and to always communicate in an open and honest way, even when things are not straightforward. To be innovative in finding solutions which deliver excellent performance in the most cost effective way possible. To work to the highest standards in respect of technical support, engineering, training and especially safety.

We will always be responsible for our actions, especially when we occasionally get it wrong. The basis to our approach is the supply of high quality components, supported by the highest standard of technical service and engineering support.