How We Work


Using the natural resource of water in your stream to generate your own electricity stirs up powerful emotions in many of us. As a result, some of our clients are perfectly capable of talking about their ideas all day and possibly into the night as well. So that we don't lose too much sleep we respectfully ask you not to call us for a "chat" about your ideas but to read all of the documentation that is available to better understand the principles underlying hydro power schemes and to decide if your water resource and location has merit.

We do not undertake the installation of your hydro system. Our role is to assist you with the evaluation of your possible scheme and with the design and specification of the system if you decide to proceed. we can then “steer” you through the installation and commissioning as required which is usually done via email.
We supply the turbine(s) and associated specialist equipment whilst readily available parts are usually sourced locally.
The installation of the scheme is usually done by you with the assistance of family, friends and local contractors as required.

The first step is to evaluate the water course you have available and decide if it is suitable for a small hydro scheme. Please use the documentation available on this website and at to understand what data is required and visualise how a system might be constructed. When you have the workable head and flow together with the penstock length you can use the PowerSpout Advanced Calculator to determine the likely generation output.
The type of turbine used will depend on the head and flow available. If you proceed with a scheme the turbine will be built specifically for the site where it will be installed. There is no “one size fits all”


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