Cwm Clyd Bunkhouse in the Elan Valley

Cwm Clyd Power Wall.jpg

The Elan Valley Trust decided to renovate the old Cwm Clyd Farm House and buildings and create a well appointed 21 bed self-catering bunkhouse. Situated almost mid-way between the Caban Coch and Claerwen reservoirs it is a stunning location and an ideal base for walking in the remote and beautiful area.

With no grid connected electricity supply the bunk house requires an all year around, very reliable off-grid electricity supply to service the power requirements of the site.

Westflight designed a system with solar PV as the primary source of power, a 15.3kWh Lithium battery and a diesel generator for backup if required during periods of poor weather and high on-site demand which could occur between November and February.

The system comprises an 8kW all black panel roof mounted solar array, SMA SB6.0 Inverter, SMA SI8.0 battery Inverter, SMA Datamanager, BYD LVL15kW lithium battery and a Stephill SSDK10W generator with DSE Control unit and a remote fuel tank.

The generator is located in one section of a secure purpose built building which has the wet gear drying room in the other section.  The generator is generally only called upon during dark, wet winter days when warm air from the generator radiator grill outlet is ducted through the wet gear drying room to expedite the drying of wet coats and boots from the days expeditions. Those hill walkers amongst us know what it’s like to have to put wet coats and boots on again tomorrow morning. Not at Cwm Clyd

The system is fully automated and requires no manual intervention except periodical generator servicing.

21 Bed Off-Grid Bunkhouse Elan Valley.JPG