Upgrade To A Farm In Snowdonia

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This very remote sheep farm covers more than 1000 acres of the surrounding mountains and lakes. No electricity existed at all in the farmhouse or buildings until approximately 9 years ago when a large diesel generator was installed in a nearby shed and the house was wired for basic lighting and a couple of sockets. Whenever electricity was required, even for a single light bulb, the generator had to be started up and kept running, often for 15 hours a day.

This arrangement meant that it was not possible to have a refrigerator or freezer and additionally, when a conventional washing machine was tried it would not work as the generator output was too "dirty" for the washing machine electronics.

The water supply to the house is gravity fed from a small stream coming down the hillside around 100 ft. above the house. With the stream completely open to the hillside the possibility of bacterial contamination of the water being used in the house was very high and a significant risk for young children coming to stay. The inlet to the holding tank was not filtered so that frogs and other small creatures frequently inhabited the storage tank whilst leaves and other debris blocked the outlet.


We installed a SMA Sunny Island 6.0 Inverter and a Rolls battery pack comprising eight 6CS25P deep cycle batteries with an 820 Ah rating at C20. The generator is programmed for automatic start / stop from the Sunny Island. Whereas previously the generator would be running at a very low output over a long time just to supply a few lights directly, it only runs now when the Sunny Island detects that the battery pack requires charging. The generator is then delivering a much higher current for a much shorter time resulting in significant diesel fuel savings.

The Sunny Island creates a local "grid" at 230V, 50Hz which means that all electronically controlled devices from computers to washing machines will operate safely and satisfactorily. A refrigerator and freezer have been installed with no fear of them being without electricity 24/7.

A satellite based communication system has been installed to provide internet access and a VoIP telephone system.

The water supply has been modified with the addition of a 1mm mesh coanda screen over a fore-bay tank which feeds into the original storage tanks. Prior to the water supply entering the farmhouse it passes through an electrically powered Calmag 12 filter and ultra violet disinfection unit which removes any bacterial contamination making it safe to drink without boiling.

Our client is delighted with the opportunities that the addition of the Sunny Island and battery pack have brought to their farm and are now considering the addition of a solar PV array to further reduce the generator run time and fuel costs.

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DSCF2907.JPG Sat Dish