Telephone and Internet Communications

DSCF2907.JPG Sat Dish

Many of our off-grid projects are in very remote locations which have no electricity grid connection or BT land line, and they cannot obtain a mobile phone signal from any of the network providers either. One of our clients could only get a signal on his mobile if he went around half a mile up the mountain on his quad bike which he did at least twice a day to make calls and pick up his voice mail. This was not really an option in bad weather or an emergency.

Using a satellite based communication system will provide both a reliable internet connection and a telephone system using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and depending on your data requirements, the costs are comparable to a conventional landline voice and broadband contract. For an internet connection with a 10Gb per month data allowance (sufficient to cover email and typical web browsing) together with a VoIP a telephone system the hardware and setup cost would be around £400.00 plus monthly costs of around £35.00 depending on your call costs.

Westflight have installed many of these systems and can advise on what will be suitable for your requirements, in your location.